Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the things we’ve heard from our customers over the years.

The ferry boat Emerald Isle, which operates between the port town of Charlevoix, Michigan, and Beaver Island, in northern Lake Michigan, saved 8,500 gallons of fuel per engine the next season after having their props reworked and properly tuned by Mitch at Holland Propeller using the Prop Scan system.

As a result of having my props scanned at your facility, I immediately noticed the following:

1. The boat underway is absolutely and perfectly smooth, actually better than when the boat was new in 2002.

2. Normally once per year I run the engines to full RPM to determine that the indicated speed and RPM is as Sea Ray and Caterpillar recommended. When new, the boat ran at its full rated RPM (2315) and 35 MPH. Over the years, both these values declined gradually. I had always looked toward an engine issue but Caterpillar gave both motors a clean bill of health and saw no error codes.

After your scan (at 725 hours on the engines) the boat rated RPM was again perfect at 2315-2320 RPM and a speed of 36 MPH. I’m sure my economy has improved, but in that this scan was done later in the 2010 boating year, I haven’t done any tests as yet at cruise.

Thanks for excellent service. I couldn’t be happier with the Prop Scan system.
— Steve Davis

In 1995 I re-powered my 38’ Bayliner M.Y (The Back Forty) form 175hp Hino’s to 250hp Cummins, and it was also recommended that I replace the props.

I gave my boat and engine specifications to a local propeller manufacturer in Michigan, I anxiously awaited my new set of propellers.

After one season I returned my props to the manufacture for fine tuning because of vibration and noise. When I got them back nothing had changed, I was so unhappy and I didn’t know what to do.

I had read an article in Lakeland Boating magazine about Prop Scan, a new computerized scanning system for fine tuning propellers and in the summer of 2000 I came across an advertisement at the South Haven marina from a company in the local area using Prop Scan. So with my specifications in hand I went to see Mitch and Chuck at Holland Propellers.

Mitch told me that my propellers where not suited to my boat size and engines horse power and he recommended I purchase two new propellers. I took Mitch’s advice and bought the two propellers that he had recommended.

On leaving the South Haven Channel on our first test run with the new propellers, I powered up the engines and my wife and I looked at each other as if something was wrong. At first I thought we had lost an engine, all the noise and vibration had gone and to our belief we could hear each other talking without having to raise our voices. The boat also gained about 5 mph at top speed and on later calculations, fuel consumption had been greatly reduced.

It’s hard to find a business that will put in the effort to solve your problems. Mitch and Chuck went to a great deal of trouble to help me solve my propellers problems, know my boat (The Back Forty) will be around the great lakes area for years to come.
— Charlie Monaweck

I picked the boat up on Sunday afternoon (left Holland pier head at 5:00 p.m. sharp). Three hours to Pentwater, four hours to Leland the next morning, two more to my house and on the lift by 4:00 p.m. on Monday. While my GPS would not pick up a fix for some reason (and deprived me of the precise speed read out), my mechanical Raymarine gauge indicated that I picked up about 1 or maybe even 1.5 to 2 knots at cruise. So THANK YOU!

Thanks again for your fine work. I have already recommended a scan & fine-tuning to a few friends up here.
— Kent Gerberding

Just wanted to say THANKS! for the great job you and your guys did with our new Austral props. We sea trailed this weekend and they performed exactly as you predicted!. We were amazed at the smooth acceleration. We haven’t experienced anything like it with either of our other sets of props. My wife’s first words before we were fully on plane were “wow! no vibration!”. The props provided an additional 2 mph at 3200 cruising rpm. Our WOT rpm was also acceptable at 4200. The 4 blades even performed as advertised the dock, with additional bite for close maneuvering. We are sure glad we followed your advice on selecting the configuration on these props. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we fully expect to see a fuel mileage improvement with this setup. We’ll forward our fuel numbers as soon as we can.

In the end , it has been very impressive how well the Prop Scan technology performs. As a mechanical engineer, I have been sold on the Philosophy form the beginning. The process of collecting the data, repeatability and having a referenced document is just incredible . To experience these results is more incredible. As you know i have not hesitated to spread the word to my friends about Prop Scan and Holland Propeller, and that is because of your great service, technology and honest, low pressure approach to your business.
— Rick Horner

Just a note of thanks for indicating and eliminating the vibration I had with my boat.

Your Prop Scan treatment proved to be more exact and was able to fine tune each propeller with better results than traditional methods.

I am now able to run the boat at higher rpm’s without fear of damaging my drive-train.
— Ken Zalnis

My thirteen year old hasn’t stopped smiling for 3 days! We took the boat out and when I accelerated I think the smile was forced onto his face…permanently!

Thanks Prop Scan is everything you promised and more. I hope we wont need another one for a while, however I will never buy a prop from anyone one else.
— Ron Wexler