As a result of having my props scanned at your facility, I immediately noticed the following:

1. The boat underway is absolutely and perfectly smooth, actually better than when the boat was new in 2002.

2. Normally once per year I run the engines to full RPM to determine that the indicated speed and RPM is as Sea Ray and Caterpillar recommended. When new, the boat ran at its full rated RPM (2315) and 35 MPH. Over the years, both these values declined gradually. I had always looked toward an engine issue but Caterpillar gave both motors a clean bill of health and saw no error codes.

After your scan (at 725 hours on the engines) the boat rated RPM was again perfect at 2315-2320 RPM and a speed of 36 MPH. I’m sure my economy has improved, but in that this scan was done later in the 2010 boating year, I haven’t done any tests as yet at cruise.

Thanks for excellent service. I couldn’t be happier with the Prop Scan system.
— Steve Davis